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Postdoc: Long-Read Mapping of Human Epigenome [Fang Lab]

The Fang Lab has rich experience in long-read sequencing technology (both PacBio and Oxford Nanopore), systems biology and precision medicine. We use long-read sequencing to make new discoveries from the human genome, epigenome and transcriptome (Genome Research, 2018; Nature Genetics, 2019). We also pioneered the fast-growing field of bacterial epigenomics (Nature Biotechnology, 2012; Nature Reviews Genetics, 2018, Nature Microbiology, 2020), and the use of DNA methylation for high resolution microbiome analysis (Nature Biotechnology, 2018; Nature Methods, 2021).


We are looking for highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellows to

  • develop innovative epigenomics and transcriptomics technology using long read sequencing;
  • discover novel insights in human diseases;
  • translate basic science discoveries into medical impact.

Successful candidates will have unique opportunities with

  • a highly interdisciplinary and innovative lab culture where members with dry/wet background closely discuss and learn from each other;
  • our unique expertise in long read sequencing, multi-omics, rich clinical samples and strong collaborators;
  • take the lead role in projects developing cutting edge, pioneering technologies with high biomedical and clinical impact;
  • strong mentorship in both research and career development;
  • Highly competitive compensations with subsidized housing in New York City.


  • Candidates with computational and/or experimental background are both welcome
  • Ability to learn and master new knowledge and technologies
  • Abilities to lead an independent research direction while adapting to a collaborative environment
  • An innovative yet critical thinker

How to apply

Please send the following to

  • A brief cover letter
  • CV with a list of publications
  • PDF files for the papers in which you are first/co-first author